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Hello and welcome to BartendingBootcamp!

Our beginnings came out of necessity.  A necessity to clear up all the confusion, misinformation and myths associated with mixing cocktails.

Most people just assume their bartender knows what every spirit tastes like and how to use it.  We also want people at home to be able to make great cocktails just like in their favorite bars.  The best way to make sure you get a great drink is to know what goes into it.  Too many people get ripped off or just have no idea what they are getting is not what they ordered.  Spend some time clicking through the articles, recipes and blog.  The most important goal is to have fun and be better informed about spirits and your favorite cocktails.  Thank you for visiting BartendingBootcamp

Steve Calabro



Steve is the brainchild behind bartendingbootcamp.  He prefers to be called a bartender rather than "mixologist".  With a career spanning over 25 years in the bar business, he is a recognized expert in the field.  We wanted to put more info here but Steve doesn't think the site should be about him, but rather the amazingly talented bartenders you will find on the "great cocktails" page.  He does however love to answer questions and research anything he may not already have the answer for so please, send him an email!

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