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Advice for the Sobriety Impaired....

The Zen Mama, The Guru Guy and even The Flow Junkie find themselves double-fisting beers rather than green juice from time to time. Humans aren't on this earth to be perfect, but to live, experience, learn, engage, progress, enjoy and occasionally, indulge.

The solution for such a night is not a prescription of back-to-back Bikram and 40 lashings, but love. You heard me right: you had a huge night, woke up feeling terrible and possibly guilty for having a few hours of raucous fun and worldly pleasure.

And that’s OK.

Part of living a balanced lifestyle is having a loving bounce-back plan for when you’ve indulged in an unbalanced night (or even just a big meal, exhausting travel or are on the verge of getting sick).

Here are six ways to recalibrate after last night’s good times. And they don’t include grabbing a pill, sports drink, or cheeseburger ...

1. Drink water.

Before you go to bed, chug one or two glasses.

For bonus points, the power move: make your last drink at the bar a water with no ice. When everyone is ordering that one last nightcap, opt for a water. Omitting the ice will give you max ounces for your effort.

Then the next day, keep drinking water. Then water, water … you get my drift?

2. Take a B12.

One before bed AND one when you wake up.

Because alcohol is a diuretic, your hangover is a side effect of dehydration and having lost vital nutrients to keep you feeling good. This megavitamin complex is the best for getting your brain and body back in action in no time.

3. Eat something simple in the morning.

It’s really up to you to listen to your gut on this one, but keep it simple and light. Veering away from the grease-town-USA platter is always safe bet.

Some ideas: sprouted toast topped with coconut oil and almond butter, sprouted toast topped with avocado and a fried egg, a green smoothie, or just a banana are good options to coat your belly and infuse your body with nutrients right off the bat.

4. Get active.

You likely won’t want to but go for a walk, or maybe a run if that’s your thing.

Perhaps do some easy yoga stretches to work out the kinks and clear your head. Even if it just means sitting, breathing and moving your arms around, do it.

5. Get outside.

Or even better, get in the ocean if possible. Fresh air and the salty sea really are cure-alls. Nothing relieves a headache faster than an ice cold dip in the ocean (or a lake, if that’s what you’ve got).

6. Have a kombucha.

This elixir is surely an acquired taste that you'll learn to yearn for, with or without the hangover.

If you’re really on top of it, chug some with your water before you go to bed so the electrolytes and liver-cleansing properties can go to work as you sleep.

The fermentation and effervescence are good for your tummy (without the sugar of a ginger ale or sports drink), and who knows? Maybe the trace of alcohol it contains is, too.

Cheers. Now off to accomplish this list …

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