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What We Do

Entertaining at home is such a wonderful experience.  Bartendingbootcamp began as a community of bartenders who wanted to share their knowledge and creativity with others in the field.  We want to learn from each other and grow our family of mixologists and home bartenders into a society of people who appreciate and respect each other's talents.  There is no reason to make a drink that cannot be replicated.  The biggest compliment in our world is repetition.  We make each others drinks, add our own specific twist and come up with some amazing creations.   Please feel free to contact us, send us your photos, recipes and stories so we can all grow and improve the art of making a truly delicious cocktail.
Cheers and thank you for being our guest.  We are always looking for contributors to the blog posts or just great stories aimed at helping new and seasoned bartenders.  Email us! 

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